April 19, 2024

Types of window shutters

The types of window shutter are as follow:


Globally, panel window shutters are the most frequent. Frames with adjustable panels or slats are used. These slats can be opened for ventilation or closed for weather and privacy.

Bi-fold, trifold, and single-panel/no-fold are popular panel shutters. Each design varies for internal or exterior shutters. These shutters aren’t only for windows.


Louvered window shutters are classic and elegant. Horizontal slats are attached to stiles on these window shutters. Adjustable louvers control light and airflow.

Louvered shutters provide many benefits

Hardwoods like mahogany and cedar are offered for these shutters. Excellent paints, stains, finishes, and hardware. You can have interior or exterior shutters to fit your windows. You want something that complements your home’s design perfectly.

High-rise shutters

Most exterior shutters have raised panels. They have a flat, raised-paneled surface. Exterior or interior window mounting is possible. Sometimes they’re painted to match the house’s exterior; other times, contrasting hues provide decoration and architectural charm. These shutters are commonly constructed of vinyl, composite material, or wood. Raised panel shutters are wonderful for home exteriors. Shutters make the garden, paint, and roof pop. It can match your patio’s motif.

B&B Shutters

Board and batten shutters are horizontal from the bottom to the top of the window aperture. Battens are vertical shutter supports. This design originated in France, Spain, and Portugal hundreds of years ago

Victorian London builders used it to make windows quickly without nails or glue. Today, various designs use this mold. You can use it as home decor.


Cut-outs are shutters with light-letting openings. The cut-out shape depends on the room’s theme. Personal preference can also affect the outcome. Stars, moons, leaves, and hearts are decorative shapes. Sometimes cut-outs let light or air in. Cut-outs are used for interior shutters and external shutters for decoration. When used as exterior shutters, the motif must match. If you want stars on your shutters, choose blue to depict the sky. When the shutters are open, your home will feel like a nightclub.


What it sounds like, is a half-solid/half-louvered shutter. The bottom half of the shutter is louvered. This style is popular for covering the bottom part of high-up windows.

Consider second-story windows with shutters. This layout lets in lighter while offering seclusion and circulation through open windows. Although they’re uncommon, they create a unique look in any room.


The simplest exterior is Shaker. It’s plain, so it complements minimalist and modern designs. This type is constructed of a single wood panel that can be painted or stained. This style isn’t too ornate, therefore it’s best for external shutters. But using it for interior shutters defeats the purpose. Shutters can also make your home’s exterior stand out. Shutters can boost your home’s curb appeal.


Bahama shutters, like colonial shutters, cover the entire window for storm protection. They were created in the Bahamas to screen from wind and rain while allowing breezes. Bahama shutters are fixed above the window on the external wall and hinge at the top, allowing them to swing out or in. This swing-out design is perfect for windows with plenty of glass since you can clean both sides without removing your shutters.

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