April 20, 2024

Flooring and Ceramics: Why the Combination Is Working?


Many people feel confused about what they should do with their floors. Options available in the market are many and each of these come with its own set of benefits. Looks are one of the most important things that people think about. But looks are not the only things on which one can depend. When choosing to the floor, one must think about the cost and maintenance. Every flooring material looks shiny and elegant in the start. Then all its looks completely depend on the maintenance. Maintenance does not mean simple cleaning with the help of a broom, mop and cleaning agent. It is also necessary to use proper product on the tiles because some ingredients in these products are harmful for some of the tiles. In such cases, people have to buy selective products that are expensive. Installing some flooring materials might not look like an issue in the first go. But these materials are not cost-effective at all in the long run. Choosing the products wisely after considering all sides is necessary.

As it comes to flooring, the material is going to tolerate too many things like spills and stains and also the edges of the furniture. One must choose the material that can endure all of these without getting worn out any soon. Ceramics is one of materials that checks all the boxes. From being low maintenance to durable, it has everything in its counter.


Flooring materials must pass the test of durability. It is ultimately going to take all the pressure of falling items, furniture and people. There is no logic in having something that would have scratches because of every trivial falling and dragging. The floor ceramic tiles (กระเบื้องปูพื้น, term in Thai) can easily take all of these and run for years without requiring any major repairing service.

Resale value

A house with tiles installed is going to bring in more money when it is sold than the one without any tiles. Installing ceramic tiles helps not only to beautify your property but also to make sure to get a good amount when you consider selling it.

Low maintenance

No one wants to spend a huge amount of time behind cleaning and scrubbing the floor. If your newly installed tiles require you to put all your quality time behind scrubbing and cleaning the floors, it is the ultimate wrong choice. You need something that would shine even with the minimal amounts of efforts. Make sure to count all you expense that you have to put behind the materials. A material requiring lots of expensive items would be a pressure on your pocket. Ceramics can be easily cleaned with regular cleaning agents. As there are less pores on the tiles, there is no fear of retaining any moisture and odor. That is why there would be less requirement of any harsh or expensive chemicals. Ceramics is much more pocket friendly than many other options available in the market when it comes to buying and installing also maintenance.

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