April 20, 2024

Should You Get Cleaned Your Home Air Ducts?


There is not enough information regarding air duct cleaning to provide a general recommendation about whether you should get your home’s air ducts cleaned.

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You should go for having the air ducts cleaned in your home if:

  1. There are considerable visible mold growths present inside hard surface ducts or on many other components of the heating and cooling system. There are many important points to know concerning mold detection in your heating and cooling systems:
  • Ask the repair company to demonstrate you any mold they claim to have found as many parts of your heating and cooling system might not be visible to you.
  • You should be aware that while a substance may appear to be mold, only a professional can definitively determine if it is mold or not, and final confirmation may require laboratory testing.
  • Some microbiology labs can tell you whether a sample you send them on a transparent strip of adhesive household tape has mold or just something that looks like it.
  • If the insulation of air ducts becomes damp or moldy, then it needs to be removed and substituted because cleaning it will not be beneficial.
  • If you have insulated air ducts, you should replace the insulation if it gets moldy or damp because cleaning it won’t help.
  1. Ducts are infested with rodents or insects.
  1. Excessive amounts of dust and debris are clogging the ducts, and/or your supply registers may be releasing particles into the house.

Any of the aforementioned conditions, if present, typically point to one or more underlying causes. The root cause or causes must be addressed before your ducts are cleaned, retrofitted, or replaced because if they are not, the issue will most likely return.

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