April 19, 2024

Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing


Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials for the Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Wood is a popular accessory utilized in kitchen cabinets. Multiple clients choose it when they undergo a refacing cabinet project. Despite its current craze, individuals should learn about the various wood classifications available in the marketplace.

White oak wood is the most-selected material in cabinet refacing in Santa Ana. It is hardwood, light to medium brown color, and subtle-straight grain patterns. This accessory is sturdy and displays more golden tones than red oak. Its sole drawback is it is expensive, and discoloration happens over time.

Red oak wood is well-known among the two oak varieties. Like white oak wood, it is hardwood, making it everlasting. Apart from that, it also showcases golden tones. Light brown or pink, red color, and straight grain patterns make it unique from the other material.

This wood substance’s benefit is it is highly resistant, inexpensive, and has a crystalline highlighted grain decoration.

Another famous wood material many utilize is Hickory Wood. Its popular features include hardwood, creamy brown or yellowish color, and has either a straight or wavy texture. It is supremely durable and flexible, akin to oak wood. Nevertheless, it is a rare choice for custom-made cabinets. Only homeowners who go for a classic-themed kitchen layout purchase this wood model.

Cabinets are one of the vital parts of the kitchen. It is a versatile storage area for kitchen utensils, cookware, condiments, and foods like junk foods. Homeowners should know their responsibility for providing proper maintenance. Supposedly, they are considering refurnishing their cupboards; they can replace them with new cabinets or paint old ones.

Planning is an individual’s prime responsibility. It is an objective that property owners should not neglect when considering a renovation, even in a cabinet refacing project.

See the infographic below created and designed by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of various wood types in cabinet refacing:

Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

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