April 20, 2024

Modern chandelier

They have long been a staple of many a home back in the day but in recent years there has been a push to go back to the old types. So what should you do to ensure you get the new modern chandelier of your dreams? Here are a few tips on what to look for when you pick one out. So the first thing you want to do is measure the ceiling so you know what size chandelier to look for. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a new chandelier only to find it will not fit in your house.

Whether it’s a ruler or measuring tape, you want to make sure you have the exact measurements before you can even think about going to the chandelier store near you. Once that’s done, make sure you find one that’s a good height. You want to find one that’s low enough to ensure there is good lighting all around but not too low that people keep bumping their heads on it. The average one is about 26 to 30 inches in diameter so that is about what you should aim for. Also, if it’s going to be one that hangs over a table, you want to make sure it’s 1/3 the width of your table. If you have a tall ceiling, you want to try to get it around eight feet off the floor but feel free to add an inch if the room is 12 feet or more. Also, keep in mind if it is to be hung in a foyer or entryway, it will need to be far enough away from the door that it will not be hit by the door when you open it. Ideally, you want it to be in the center of the room so it can shine on the entire room equally. Some people also like to put them in their bed rooms & this can be a fun way to make it look more elegant.

If this is what you want, you have a few options. You can put it in the middle of the room or right over your bed. You can also put pendant lights where the lamps would typically go. You can also put it on a dimmer if you want to create some mood lighting. If you want to put it in a small room, you want to find one that is shaped more like a sculpture but if you want to put it in a big room, you can put two or three in there to make it seem even bigger than it already is. The idea here is that you want to make a focal point that helps keep the room as well lit as possible. But no matter which one you use, the most important thing is that it is installed properly. Once that’s all done, you should be able to enjoy your chandelier for many years.

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