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There are lots of ways for construction when it comes to building houses and offices. Wood, cement, and timber is some of the most common means which are utilized. The wood is also of various types and uses for different purposes. So, here in this article we will come to know more about the same and be updated with the relevant details.

 More details

The Ipe wood is one of the best kinds of wood which can be utilized for construction purposes. We need to know what is Ipe wood.  It is a kind of extremely powerful and long lasting wood from hardwood trees, hailing from countries of Central and South America.  This kind of wood is highly renowned for its many positive traits. The Ipe wood is naturally resistance to moisture and dampness and does not decay easily. It makes this wood a top priority for using it as commercial as well as residential establishments such as siding or decking. It is pronounced as epay wood or eppi wood.  If you have a deck or floor which is made from this wood it has lovely and smooth finish, without any kind of splinters.  When it comes to comparison to the hardness of epay wood as compared to other woods such as teak, we can safely say that this Ipe wood is three hundred and fifty percent harder. Another very positive point is that it is highly fire resistant as compared to its other counterparts. It is not floatable in water on account of its density.

Other inputs

 As they say, everything has an advantage as well as demerits. So, along with the innumerable merits, this kind of wood also has its disadvantages. It is quite difficult in terms of drilling as well as nailing. It also has a high amount of oil which means it cannot be used for any kind of painting work. When it comes to weight or heaviness, it is also 40 percent heavier than the likes of teak wood. The buildings that are made with eppi wood have the guarantee of high quality maintenance and longevity even in the harshest climatic conditions. As it is a hard wood, epay wood has very demarcated techniques for installing and making. The holes need to be drilled first before screws can be inserted into the Ipe wood. Nowadays, there are many reliable websites on which you can get a plethora of information about Ipe wood and also buy Ipe direct from there.

End word

 You can get a whole lot of information from the online websites or even the wood dealers if you need to buy Ipe direct. So, you can be rest assured that the cost prices are according to the benefits you can get from these wood types. It is worth paying the money as it is a very wise and long term investment. You will never need to replenish or reconstruct your Ipe wood floor, deck or sliding for a long number of years.

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