Is a Rectangular Trampoline Right for Me?


First-time buyers of a rectangular trampoline (or around or oval one) are often unsure about where to begin their search. Many parents are unsure where to begin when it comes to purchasing one as a present for their children. To begin with, you should take note of the numerous forms that are on offer.

Both the round and rectangle forms have distinct bounces, which is why they are so popular. Due to its shape, it makes sense for round trampolines to have springs that point in one direction. This means that when you bounce, all springs will move at once and convey your momentum into the center.

The springs on a rectangle trampolines point in opposite directions since the sides are straight. To put it another way, the springs will extend to varying degrees depending on where you bounce on the mat. The bounce will be more equal, with less of a tendency to draw you toward the center.

As a result of the trampoline’s consistent bounce, more than one youngster at a time on the trampoline is less likely to be sucked into the center of it. Mid-bounce collisions may be avoided using this. Additionally, it will allow any youngster who is interested in trampolining as a pastime or a more serious activity to practice various jumping methods or unique routines more simply.

The original design of trampolines is rectangular, and they are employed in gymnastics contests in the Olympics because of their expressive bounce. Compared to the circular form, we believe this is a little better since it can fit perfectly along a border or into a corner.

· Spring Count

The spring-to-mat ratio is another important consideration when it comes to trampoline bounce in addition to the frame’s form. The more springs a trampoline possesses, the more vigorous its bounce will be.

· Aspect Ratio

The next step is to determine how much room you have in your garden and how you want to use it. Measurements of a rectangular trampoline’s metal frame are stated in inches. Mark a rectangle with these two measurements using a tape measure. You can get a good idea of how much area the trampoline will occupy by doing this.

· Safety Feature

The safety of your trampoline is just as vital as the quality of the bounce. Look for one with a well-thought-out safety enclosure. These safeguard the safety of a person in the event of a fall.

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