April 13, 2024

Floor installation. What to choose laminate parquet or wood flooring

Floor installation. What to choose laminate parquet or wood flooring

Floor installation. What to choose laminate parquet or wood flooring

The installation of the flooring is probably the most enjoyable part of the job for the customer. Once the subfloor underfoot is in place, the overall appearance changes dramatically. The final result of the housing installation is seen. Of course the choice of floor type is also a very important aspect. It all depends on the needs – some people want luxury, others want practicality or simplicity.

In principle, all floor coverings can be divided into three main types. These are: laminated PVC flooring, glued parquet flooring and solid wood flooring. Each of these flooring types has distinctive characteristics. There is no one best flooring type, and we recommend a different type of flooring for each case.

Floor types. Which one to choose?

Laminate PVC flooring

If the customer wants practicality and durability and has absolutely no time to maintain the flooring, laminated PVC flooring is the most suitable option. This flooring is divided into residential classes 21, 22 and 23. The higher the class, the more resistant the coating is to environmental influences. Manufacturers also offer laminate cladding for public use in resistance classes 31, 32 and 33. Laminate can not only be highly resistant and durable, but also look great. Manufacturers offer a wide range of laminate designs, which are often as good as any other type of flooring.

Parquet flooring

Perhaps the most commonly chosen floor covering is laminate flooring. This type of flooring can be either two or three layers. They are mechanically interlocking, like laminate flooring. This type of flooring is installed by gluing to the subfloor or by floating. The most common recommendation is to glue the parquet to the substrate. This protects the flooring from major deformations due to thermal effects. It is particularly advisable to glue the parquet flooring to the subfloor when the dwelling has underfloor heating. This improves the transfer of heat through the floor covering into the room. T

Three-layer parquet flooring is classified according to the method of manufacture: the materials used and the surface finish. The surface may be coated with oils, varnishes, stains, etc. It is possible to buy parquet flooring with the surface already prepared for use. Otherwise, the surface impregnation-preparation is carried out after the floor has been installed. The characteristics of this flooring may be the natural top layer. This type of coating is easier to damage and deteriorate, but maintenance is not difficult.

Solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is undoubtedly the most expensive on the market. Anyone who appreciates luxury and naturalness should choose this flooring. They are durable and can be completely renewed in the future (by sanding and refinishing or other treatments). Natural wood requires maintenance and is more fragile. This type of flooring is usually glued to the subfloor and the surface is finished with special products (oils, stains, etc.). The variations in design and the advantages of the natural effect of solid wood are not even worth mentioning, as it is clearly a top quality product.

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