April 20, 2024

7 Ways To Create More Space In Your Home


Homeowners and interior designers will understand that a property’s capacity is an ongoing challenge. As assets, such as furniture and books, come and go, the storage capabilities of a home become tested, working to ensure that rooms don’t become too messy or unsafe, and that’s before the sudden challenges that arrive when guests bring their belongings too.

A home with great storage solutions is one that can very easily look tidy, as well as feel more spacious, helping residents to feel more comfortable and the property to even rise in value, which is why storage is not a quality to be ignored.

Vertical Solutions

There is a tendency for homeowners to give preference to horizontal design, neglecting the benefits of vertical space. This applies not only to the potential for shelves but also to the height of furniture, which can also offer solutions to storage by accommodating lesser-used items. Kitchens, for example, can host high hooks to accommodate hanging pans and utensils, relieving cupboards and surfaces from their presence.

Modular Furniture

Having furniture that can adjust to various and changing needs can be remarkably useful, which is why modular furniture has become popular. These versatile features can accommodate not only different storage needs but also practical needs too, such as offering extra seating when guests arrive.

Clear Out

While clearing out your belongings is one of the most straightforward ways of creating more space, it isn’t always easy. This is because residents can become attached to certain objects or see them as an essential part of their home’s integrity. Finally taking the plunge and getting rid of unused objects in a home, however, can be very valuable, even helping living spaces to feel cleaner and entirely new.


With the needs of living spaces changing rapidly, especially to accommodate remote working situations, outbuildings have become increasingly popular, offering residents a blank canvas upon which to create new rooms in their gardens. From cabins to summer houses, these spaces have a great deal of potential, becoming more than storage, giving homeowners the ability to create entirely new rooms, such as bedrooms to offices, for their homes.

Convert And Expand

If there is potential for a home to grow into its attic or cellar, it can be a worthwhile investment to consider. Homeowners that choose to renovate their attic and cellar spaces not only create for themselves a greater amount of living space but can also increase their property value too.

Go Open Plan

Removing non-integral walls and opening up living spaces has a number of benefits, including creating a larger amount of living space within a home. Additionally, open plan rooms tend to bring a greater deal of light and air into a home too, helping it to feel larger too.

Visual Effects

Yes, it’s true, mirrors do help a room to feel more spacious, not only by creating a visual illusion but also by helping to boost the effects of light around a home. While this isn’t going to increase a home’s capacity it will help to give the impression of a more spacious home.

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