5 signs it’s time to replace your window treatments


5 signs it's time to replace your window treatments

How do you decide whether it’s time to replace your window treatments? Is it better to put it off until it’s really necessary? Perhaps you don’t want to focus on it now, but how would you know the proper time?

If your window coverings are experiencing any of the following issues, it’s time to replace your window treatments.

Here are the five signs that indicate it’s time to replace your window treatments

Yellowed or Discolored Slats

All blinds are subject to discoloration or fading since they spend so much time in the sun. However, if your shades have significantly yellowed or faded, the problem may be more severe than merely a sloppy interior design task.

Extreme discoloration indicates material deterioration, which means your blinds’ structural integrity is affected. Therefore, replace your blinds before they entirely break apart, and for a longer-lasting option, select a material with UV inhibitors.

Out Of Fashion

While we recognize that window coverings aren’t usually the most exciting home item to purchase, they play an essential role in your house’s overall design and decor.

Do you still have the draperies installed when the house was built? Then it’s time to get rid of those drapes. Outdated window coverings not only make your house seem old, but they are also likely worn out and harmful for your children or pets.

Warped, Bent, Or Broken

Bowed, broken, or curved slats are another annoying sign of wear. Damaged slats make it impossible for your blinds to rise correctly, and they’re also an eyesore. Consider what window treatment style will work best for your environment, needs, and family when it’s time to update your blinds.

For example, faux wood blinds may warp if you reside in a hot climate. Wood may also be impacted by dampness when placing blinds in a bathroom. Avoid aluminum horizontal blinds if you have small children or dogs since they are easily twisted out of shape.

Installed New Windows

If you installed new windows, there’s a high chance you’ll want new window coverings as well. Especially, if the size or design of your windows has changed or if you’ve added additional windows entirely. Choose new window coverings that are a great compliment to the size and design of your fresh new windows instead of covering them with outdated window treatments that don’t fit quite properly.

No Longer Meet Your Needs

Your existing blinds may not be enough for your window treatment requirements. Even if your blinds are in good condition, if they aren’t delivering the privacy, insulation, or sun protection you want, it may be time to update to a window treatment that does. If you want extra privacy, shades are a better option than blinds. Cellular shades and blinds will give the finest insulation for all seasons if you want to save money on electricity. Try blackout shades and drapes for glare reduction and sun blockage.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of your home’s decor, your windows are generally one of the first things that visitors notice. You can improve the look of your windows by using excellent window treatments.

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